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I love to share my girl…


I love to share my girl…

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OMG I can’t believe he told that story.  Well he started this with finally convincing me to post some pics on tumblr.  So here we go the story that he has never heard.

It was perfectly innocent.  Well sort of…My Three friends and I went to Miami Beach for a girls weekend.  One married me, One single, and Two are divorced all 28.

We met some guys that were part of a bachelor party.  Three singles one married.

Of course they matched up the married people. Jarrod was married with two kids.  He talked about his kids (I didn’t have any at the time) , danced, and drank.  On the way back to the room the girls started to lose their clothes.  When I drink my exhibitionist side comes out.  So I joined them. (first picture) We got to the room and all of us were down to panties and bra or topless and boxers.  We partied for a little while.  Dancing around the room grinding and playing touchy feely.  As the night went on two couples had disappeared to other rooms.  That left my one friend and her guy and me and Jarrod. The four of us raided the mini bar and continued to party.  At this point my friend and I were in our panties and the boys were in boxers and boxer briefs.  That was when my hubby called.  I was trying to sound sober but know I wasn’t doing a good job. He asked me to send him a dirty pic,  I agreed just to get off the phone.  The remaining couple were so into each other that they had no idea we were there. So what choice did I have?  I asked Jarrod to take the picture. He was so nice and sweet and he was married!  What was the harm? (Second pic) We both looked at it before we sent it to my husband and neither of us saw his leg in the picture!  After we sent the picture he convinced me to take a another pic in the hallway. (Third pic)  When we came back in the room.  My friend and her hook up were both totally naked and fucking hard.   We quickly walked through the room to the balcony. (Fourth pic)  On the way through the room Jarrod grabbed a lighter and a joint from his friends pants.  As we watched our friends through the sliding glass window Jarrod lit the joint.  As we watched Jarrod was standing behind me and I felt his hard cock occasionally rub against my ass.  Who could blame him?  What we were watching was hot.  He started to rub my breasts and rub his hard cock on my ass.  I was really getting wet and turned on. He then suggested we go in side and take some more pictures.   He said I could send them to my husband and tell them I got wet watching my friend and took some selfies.   I was high and drunk and at the time it sounded like a good idea. All the attention and sexual build up had me very wet and horny.  As he helped pull my panties aside and make my pussy look good for the pics…. (pics 5 & 6) He licked me a few times playfully. I giggled and told him he was a dirty boy.  But I soon found my hand grabbing his hair to do it some more. The more he licked the more I pulled.  The next thing I know he is sliding his cock in me.  It felt so good at that point I couldn’t complain.  We had both seen so much foreplay, nudity and a live sex show who could blame us?  I did make him stop for a second.  (pic 7) 

He was married with kids….. I would have never expected him to take advantage of me…

This happened 5 years ago. My husband has never heard the whole story.  My friends and I told him it was just casual fun.   He was so turned on from the one pic I sent him he went out and bought 2 more pairs of the red underwear and makes me wear them often which you will see in future posts.

He is watching me now type this.  Do I think he will be mad finally knowing the truth?  From the hard on I can see he has now, I think the only thing he will be mad about is not getting to eat the creampie.  Which I wish I would have taken a picture of!

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